September 29, 2022 FTC

US Department of Justice (DOJ) Awards FTC Statistical Data Management and Publishing Task Order


Favor TechConsulting, LLC (FTC), a firm that specializes in next-gen IT services and solutions to drive mission success for Federal Government agencies, has been awarded a new contract by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) to provide Statistical Data Management and Publishing Support. This $8.9M contract has a term of one base year with four option years and was awarded on the US General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract vehicle.

BJS is one of 13 principal federal statistical agencies recognized by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) whose activities are predominantly the collection, compilation, processing, or analysis of information for statistical purposes. BJS is modernizing its operations to ensure efficient and timely processing, production and dissemination of BJS data and data products. FTC, along with our small business partners Accord Ventures LLC and BDR Solutions LLC, will provide in-depth IT and data management experience and expertise in advanced modernization for complex data systems to achieve BJS’ modernization goals. We will also provide data-related activities for the establishment and maintenance of new tools, systems, workflows, and products to support and sustain BJS modernization.

With current FTC prime contracts providing Agile enterprise application development, administrative, and IT modernization support for DOJ’s Civil Division and Tax Division, this significant win within BJS not only expands FTC’s footprint and capabilities within DOJ, but it also augments our growing data management practice supporting complex enterprise modernization efforts across the Federal Government. As Monica Rosser, FTC’s Chief Growth Officer, stated: “FTC is proud to partner with BJS to deliver the advanced data management and governance methodologies, analytic capabilities, and modern technologies required to securely modernize and enhance BJS tools and products, website, and data lifecycle. Through this work, FTC looks forward to playing an integral role in BJS’ mission to provide more accurate, timely, and relevant information on crime and the administration of justice.”


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