September 19, 2019 FTC

SEPTEMBER 19, 2019

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR), DLDM, DETA, US Military HIV Research Program (MHRP) awarded FTC the Department of Laboratory Diagnostics and Monitoring (DLDM), Department of Epidemiology and Threat Assessment (DETA) Information Technology (IT) Assessment contract. This one-year task was awarded as an SBA 8(a) sole source award.

With the vision to be the premier DoD biomedical research organization that invents global medical solutions for the future and keeps the Warfighter on point for the Nation, WRAIR delivers life-saving products including knowledge, technology and medical material to protect, project and sustain our Warfighters around the world. The world-class leader in the development of diagnostic countermeasures for HIV, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), Bloodborne Infections (BBIs), parasitic infections, and prevalent and emerging pathogens of US Military, US National, and Global Health interests as well as the critical monitoring parameters utilized by the US Military, National, and Global Health Care Providers for clinical and therapeutic management of a wide variety of infectious diseases, the DLDM’s mission is executed through four separate laboratory sections: (1) HIV Diagnostics and Reference Laboratory (HDRL), (2) Leishmania Diagnostic Laboratory (LDL), (3) the Technology Assessment Laboratory (TAL), (4) Clinical Evaluation Unit (CEU), and (5) Processing Laboratory and BioRepository (SPL/Bio). DLDM engaged FTC to perform a comprehensive review of DLDM/DETA’s complex IT environment and existing technology uses, including software, hardware, and the existing LIMS, to create an Information Technology Strategic Plan to support its continued growth and integration with Cerner’s Millennium product (MHS GENESIS) for electronic health record (EHR) access.

Its second task with WRAIR, FTC will apply its intimate understanding of the changing IT landscape to set the organization on the path for mission success well into the future through this strategic planning process.